• EU suspends funding of Ireland’s fishing industry

    The European Commission has suspended circa €6m in funding of Ireland’s fishing sector for failure to introduce a penalty point system for serious breaches of fishing regulations.

    Inshore Ireland understands marine minister Michael Creed intends to sign a new Statutory Instrument shortly to replace the SI rejected…

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  • Puffins in the Irish Sea go with the flow

    A study by MaREI researchers and the Zoological Society of London, published in The Royal Society Biology Letters shows for the first time that a colony of puffins off Ireland's southeast coast has adapted their behaviour to use the strong tidal currents in the Irish Sea when searching for food.

    The research reveals…

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  • Climate change adaptation plan for seafood sector

    A public consultation on a draft Climate Change Adaptation Plan seeks input to prepare for impact disruption caused by flooding and extreme conditions in harbours.

    Launching the plan, marine minister Michael Creed said that while fishermen were to the fore in dealing with the impacts of a changing climate in their everyday…

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  • Inshore Ireland relaunches on FSC ‘eco-friendly’ paper

    Refreshed, redesigned and printed on paper sourced from a forest and supply chain that is managed sustainably.  News from the marine, maritime, seafood and freshwater sectors of Ireland. 

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  • New marine plan will eliminate foreshore and planning duplication

    An inter-departmental draft statement on a marine policy for Ireland is a ‘true recognition of the importance of a fully-integrated marine planning system’.

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