Along Home Shores fortyfoot

Bobby also meets some of the island’s resident wallabies!

“I have been truly amazed by the scenic beauty of Ireland’s coastline and inland waterways during my filming of Along Home Shores. The fascinating characters I met along the way were an absolute inspiration to me. Through the prisms of heritage, business and culture, I have now gained a unique insight into Ireland. The sheer magnificence of our coastal and inland waterways, and their people, cannot be overstated,” remarked Kerr.

He also visits Rathlin Island’s seabird colony, and goes kayaking along the causeway coast. He enjoys fishing on Lough Erne, sailing on Lough Derg and attends the homecoming of Skibbereen’s Olympic heroes, as well as cycles the Deise Greenway, visits an oyster farming and stays overnight in a lighthouse! 

Episode 1: Thursday, October 27th at 7.30pm, UTV Ireland