Accelerator programme for Ireland’s aquaculture industry

September 24, 2018/by Gillian Mills

Shellfish producers slam level of sewage discharge

December 4, 2017/by Guest Writer

Sea trout collapse: a complicated issue

November 8, 2017/by Guest Writer

Irish shellfish safety reporting goes live

August 30, 2017/by Guest Writer

Increase in Irish aquaculture production

July 27, 2017/by Guest Writer

Aquaculture licensing in Ireland requires ‘root and branch’ reform

June 1, 2017/by Guest Writer

Major growth potential for Irish farmed salmon

January 31, 2017/by Guest Writer

Richard FitzGerald

December 23, 2016/by Guest Writer

Seaweeds found to combat diseases in farmed animals

December 1, 2016/by Guest Writer

Creed commits to independent review of aquaculture licensing

July 15, 2016/by Guest Writer

Undaria: the latest invasive seaweed species to reach Ireland

July 10, 2016/by Guest Writer

Aquaculture & Seafood Ireland 2016

June 23, 2016/by Guest Writer

Aquaculture plays ‘key role’ in local employment and economy

June 17, 2016/by Guest Writer

Aquaculture in Ireland has ‘bright future’ – conference told

May 25, 2016/by Guest Writer

Irish shellfish sector demands sea-change

May 3, 2016/by Guest Writer

Scientists gather to discuss seaweed potential in the Caribbean

April 29, 2016/by Guest Writer

Aquaculture 4-year European study secures €7m funding

March 31, 2016/by Guest Writer

Macroalgal minerals for a healthier diet

January 29, 2016/by Guest Writer

Fish-farm application withdrawal could herald new era for wild salmon

January 23, 2016/by Guest Writer

Open net salmon farming: ‘battle won but war continues’

January 23, 2016/by Guest Writer

EU Commission letter regarding SUMBAWS report

December 18, 2015/by Guest Writer

ÓCuív refuses to back call to boycott farmed salmon

December 11, 2015/by Guest Writer

Ireland’s oyster industry curtailed by rigid licensing and regulation

December 7, 2015/by Guest Writer

SUMBAWS outcome requires further investigation

November 19, 2015/by Guest Writer

‘Commitment’ to marine taxation review in Budget 2016 watered down to ‘feasibility’ asssessment

October 16, 2015/by Guest Writer

Aquaculture and foreshore licences granted for Shot Head site

September 18, 2015/by Guest Writer

Irish public attitude to fish farming

August 24, 2015/by Guest Writer

Salmon farm accident: Ombudsman orders DAFM to release report

July 28, 2015/by Guest Writer

Marine Harvest Ireland takes aquaculture excellence award

June 19, 2015/by Guest Writer

Proposal to cap single salmon farm biomass at 7,000 tonnes

June 18, 2015/by Guest Writer
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