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Quality assurance system for mackerel stock size is challenged

The EU, Norway and Faroes have today (29/11) signed a tripartite agreement in Bergen, Norway, setting a Total Allowable Quota for mackerel in 2019 at 653,438 tonnes, down 20% reduction on the current TAC.

While the KFO is disappointed with the outcome, it is not surprised, given that scientific advice issued at the end of September recommended a much larger reduction of 61%.

Rare shark nursery discovered in deep waters west of Ireland

Discovery of a shark nursery 200 miles west of Ireland has been described as a ‘rare occurrence’. The discovery demonstrates the significance of documenting sensitive marine habitats and supports a better understanding of the biology of the animals and their ecosystem function in Ireland’s Biologically Sensitive Area.

Tech innovation project sinks in Dún Laoghaire Harbour

Plans to transform the former ferry terminal in Dún Laoghaire, Co Dublin, into Ireland’s largest technology innovation campus were dashed this week when would-be tenants discovered that the harbour company failed to obtain the necessary foreshore licence to lease the building — two years after the building had been advertised for lease.