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Marine Notice No 11 of 2019

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has been advised that hydrographic and geophysical surveys will be undertaken in the Irish Sea (off the Wicklow coast) between June and September 2019 to provide bathymetric and subsurface information to facilitate the development of the Arklow Bank Wind Park.

Recycling waste plastics from the seafood sector

BIM has acquired a mobile shredding unit, funded under the EMFF to process plastic wastes from the fishing and aquaculture industries. The shredder allows items including trawl nets, salmon cage nets, mussel floats and oyster bags, to be shredded and compacted for easier transportation, storage and recycling.

Whiddy Island disaster: 40 years on

In a disaster that should never have happened, the failures that took place on MV Betelgeuse and at the Oil Terminal at Whiddy Island, were some of the worst derelictions of duty in relation to safety in world maritime history, by the tanker owners, Total Oil S.A, the terminal operators, Gulf Oil Corporation, the Irish government, and other world governments.

Climate change: Ireland’s Arctic momentum gathers pace

Ireland must, without hesitation, apply for ‘Observer Member Status’ of the Arctic Council. I focused primarily on climate change and the obvious necessity to make this application as a matter of priority, to gain the critical knowledge needed to help make informed decisions about coastal erosion and flood defences, planning, agriculture, fisheries, and safety, all of which depend upon local weather predictions.

Marine Institute response to Holst article on declining salmon stocks

There is no doubt we have witnessed an increase in the north Atlantic mackerel stock in recent years and that the stock has occupied new areas. Furthermore, salmon stocks have declined and increased mortality at sea is seen as the main driver for the decline.

Against this background, Dr Jens Christian Holst has presented an hypothesis that overgrazing and predation by mackerel are major factors behind dwindling salmon stocks.