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Recycling waste plastics from the seafood sector

BIM has acquired a mobile shredding unit, funded under the EMFF to process plastic wastes from the fishing and aquaculture industries. The shredder allows items including trawl nets, salmon cage nets, mussel floats and oyster bags, to be shredded and compacted for easier transportation, storage and recycling.

Marine Institute response to Holst article on declining salmon stocks

There is no doubt we have witnessed an increase in the north Atlantic mackerel stock in recent years and that the stock has occupied new areas. Furthermore, salmon stocks have declined and increased mortality at sea is seen as the main driver for the decline.

Against this background, Dr Jens Christian Holst has presented an hypothesis that overgrazing and predation by mackerel are major factors behind dwindling salmon stocks.

Marine Notice No 34 of 2018


Notice to all Ship Operators, Ship Masters, Fishing Vessel Owners, Agents, Seafarers, Fishers, Recreational Craft Users, Training Providers, Port Authorities, Equipment Suppliers and Importers and all other stakeholders

Latest European Commission Communication on preparing for the withdrawal of the UK from the European Union

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport wishes to draw attention to the latest communication from the European Commission on preparing for the withdrawal of the United Kingdom from the European Union on 30 March 2019. 

First milestone crossed in Golden Globe Race

On July 31, Gregor McGuckin crossed the symbolic line of the equator in undramatic fashion. His chosen route, west of the fleet as they head towards South Africa, is paying dividends and sees Hanley Energy Endurance currently in 7th place in a solo, non-stop circumnavigation of the globe.

AIS Aug 2

Aug 1: Hanley Energy Endurance lying 7th

The race route is east-about, starting and finishing in Les Sables-d’Olonne, France. Eighteen sailors from 13 countries crossed the starting line on July 1 in a 30,000-mile, 8-9-month race that will take the fleet southwards down the Atlantic, through the Indian and Pacific oceans, around Cape Horn and northwards through the Atlantic back to France.

New lease of life for Dún Laoghaire ferry terminal

Smaller regional harbour innovation hubs are also proposed across Ireland over the next three years, strategically located to provide a local business with skills, knowledge, training and resources to apply disruptive technology to specific projects according to the founder, CEO and private investor, Philip Gannon: “We have received overwhelming support from local residents and businesses […]