Climate emergency declaration ‘largely symbolic’

Ireland’s declaration of a ‘climate and biodiversity emergency’ is ‘largely symbolic’ and must be followed up through action, the Taoiseach told Dáil members.

Ireland joins European Space Agency project

Geological Survey Ireland (GSI) is taking part in a two-year 'Coastal Erosion' project which aims to enhance knowledge and monitoring capabilities of the coastal environment in response to challenges of climate change and rapid sea level rise.
IFI recruitment drive

Inland fisheries officers recruitment drive

Inland Fisheries Ireland, the state agency responsible for conservation and management of inland fisheries, is offering 40 'seasonal' positions to develop and protect rivers, lakes and waterways across six River Basin Districts.

84 Irish rivers open for angling in 2019

Regulations and by-laws governing wild salmon and sea-trout fisheries on 84 rivers in Ireland came into effect on January 1. Forty-two rivers will be fully open with a further 42 on a 'catch and release' basis. Sixty-two rivers will be closed as they have no surplus fish available for harvest.
Irelands Native woodlands killarney

Native woodlands to protect water and aquatic ecosystems

Native woodlands to protect water and aquatic ecosystems
mudflat temp

Seashore stress from prolonged heatwave

Alarm bells are ringing for plants, algae and sea creatures stressed by the current heatwave in  mudflats, shallow mudlat pools and coastal rocks where temperatures have exceeded 30C. 

"While there isn't much we can do to help sea life, we have advice on how to avoid exasperating the situation, and we are asking people to record what is happening," says Karin Dubsky, Coastwatch European International Coordinator.


Majority of Ireland's bathing waters are of high quality

The Bathing Water Quality in Ireland  2017 produced by the Environmental Protection Agency has found that overall quality remains good with 132 of 142 identified coastal or inland waters meeting strict EU standards.


Plan ‘lacks ambition’ to improve Ireland’s water quality

A two-year overdue River Basin Management Plan “falls far short” of what is needed to protect Ireland’s rivers, lakes and bays to bring them up to a healthy standard, according to the Sustainable Water Network of national and local environmental groups.

IWS ice warning

Never trust the ice beneath your feet

Parents and guardians of young people are being advised to especially supervise their children during this period of exceptionally cold weather.

"Stay off ALL ice," warns John Leech, chief executive of Irish Water Safety.

IWS ice warning

Children will be tempted to play on ice where water has frozen on canals, ponds, lakes and flooded areas.