Irish mackerel and prawn fisheries are heavily dependent on access to UK waters

No certainty of EU access to UK waters despite contra proposal

Two legislative proposals by the European Commission to mitigate "the disastrous impact" that a 'no-deal' Brexit could have on Irish fisheries for 2019 at least, have been welcomed by Ireland's pelagic fishing industry.
inshore fishing boats

Industry-led strategy to develop Ireland's inshore fisheries

The first industry-led blueprint for Ireland's inshore sector sets out objectives to develop the sector over the next four years and is supported by financial aid under the European Maritime Fisheries Fund.
latest investment package for Ireland's fishery centre

Funding for Ireland's fishery harbour network

A Capital Investment Package of almost €36m has been announced for safety, maintenance and new development work at Ireland's six fishery harbour centres: Howth, Dunmore East, Castletownbere, Dingle Ros An Mhíl and Killybegs. 
Irish mackerel and prawn fisheries are heavily dependent on access to UK waters

Irish fishermen seek Brexit mitigation measures

As the UK "meanders chaotically" out of the EU, the Killybegs Fishermen's Organisation has called on government to clearly spell out mitigation measures for fisheries in the event of a hard Brexit.

Large vessel phased exclusion from inshore fisheries begins in 2020

Chair of the National Inshore Fisheries Forum, Trudy McIntyre, says a ministerial decision to exclude trawling by fishing vessels over 18 metres from inside 6nm from January 1, 2020, will achieve the best balance withing the industry. 
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Quota balancing for demersal fish stocks

Marine minister Michael Creed has launched a public consultation on a proposal to implement a phased pilot quota balancing scheme for demersal stocks, to assist with the full implementation of the Landing Obligation.
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Fish quota increase for Ireland but scientific advice is challenged

Negotiations to agree 2019 fish catch and quotas in European waters concluded before sunrise in Brussels today, and have been described overall as a "very good outcome" for Ireland at 30% with increased value to €260m. 
Pelagic fishermen in Killybegs face 20% reduction in 2019 quota

Annual fisheries talks overshadowed by possible hard Brexit

As the Council of Fisheries Ministers meeting in Brussels gets underway (17-18/12) to agree 2019 Total Allowable Catches (TACs) and quotas, the "all too real possibility" of a hard Brexit is on the table.
Pelagic fishermen in Killybegs face 20% reduction in 2019 quota

Pelagic fishermen say quality assurance system may not be fit-for-purpose

The EU, Norway and Faroes have today (29/11) signed a tripartite agreement in Bergen, Norway, setting a Total Allowable Quota for mackerel in 2019 at 653,438 tonnes, down 20% reduction on the current TAC. While the KFO is disappointed with the outcome, it is not surprised, given that scientific advice issued at the end of September recommended a much larger reduction of 61%.