Reducing, reusing and re-purposing fishing gear

Fishers, harbour masters, net producers and representatives from recycling companies and government officials have exchanged ideas on the creation of a circular economy for fishing gear. The new business model will consider the full life-cycle…

Ireland rejects Scottish claim of a 12-mile exclusion zone around Rockall

A longstanding dispute over fishing rights around Rockall, an eroded volcano 230 nm northwest of Donegal, has escalated to a warning from the Scottish authorities that it will deploy patrol vessels if necessary to force Irish fishing vessels out of a 12-mile zone. In 2013, Ireland signed an Agreement establishing a single maritime boundary between the Exclusive Economic Zones and continental shelves of Ireland and the UK. The Agreement brought legal certainty to boundary issues ‘

Legal protection for v-notched crawfish in Irish waters

A new conservation measure announced today by  (31/05) gives legal protection for v-notched crawfish in Irish waters. Approved by Michael Creed, minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, the  measure received widespread support from industry representative of the National Inshore Fisheries Forum (NIFF). 

Marine garden at Bloom exposes threat of plastic on our seas

BIM, Ireland’s seafood development agency, today (May 29th) unveiled a unique marine garden for Bloom 2019 (May 30-June).Aquamarine, supported by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund, is full of sea life - from different types of seaweeds to fish species native to Irish waters. It also highlights the need to protect the  marine environment against plastic waste.

Spanish vessel enters guilty plea for fishing offences

Spanish fishing vessel, Virxen da Blanca, was fined €2,500 along with forfeiture of €165,000 of catch and gear following a guilty plea before the courts on May 23.The species on-board comprised mainly of blue shark along with a small quantity of mako shark.

Threats to fisheries officers is unacceptable in all circumstances

Statement from Gillian Mills, Chair, Sea-Fisheries Protection Consultative Committee, regarding threats against Sea-Fisheries Protection Officers It has come to the attention of the SFPA Consultative Committee that an incident occurred recently…

Quota balancing system for whitefish stocks

A quota balancing policy for whitefish stocks, which begins on July 1, 2019, will apply to landings that exceed a vessel's catch limit during a fishery management period.Any fish landed in excess of a vessel's assigned limit must be paid back by means of a deduction from a future allocation. Where the excess is greater than 10%, a higher ratio of payback will apply to the full excess.

Fisheries control catch reporting turns electronic

The European Fisheries Control Regulation is being revamped. Several recent reports, including from the European Court of Auditors, have drawn attention to the inadequacy of fishery controls in place for the needs of the CFP.

Atypical Work Permit Scheme changes for migrant fishers

A settlement reached in the High Court (April 30, 2019) will introduce changes to the atypical work permit scheme for non-EEA fishermen working in parts of the Irish fishing fleet. The International Transport Worker's Federation (ITF) had brought the case against relevant government departments, seeking 'an immediate moratorium' on the grant or renewal of work permits pending a review of conditions attaching to scheme.