Marine Institute signs contract for new research vessel

Norwegian flair for Ireland's new marine research vessel

Norwegian ship consultants, Skipsteknisk AS, have been awarded the contract to design a marine research vessel for Ireland, with an expected build completion date in 2022.

Marine environment main concern for spatial plan development

A three-month public consultation on a National Marine Planning Framework Baseline report that sets out the context in which a marine spatial plan for Ireland is being developed, received 173 responses from the general public and stakeholder groups. 

Clean coasts initiative targets full fleet participation by year end

Marine minister Michael Creed has called on all Irish fishing vessels to sign up to the ‘Clean Oceans’ initiative by December 31, to achieve 100% participation in Ireland’s first coordinated scheme on land and at sea, to collect, reduce and reuse marine litter.
shark eggs on the seabed

Rare shark nursery discovered in deep waters west of Ireland

Discovery of a shark nursery 200 miles west of Ireland has been described as a ‘rare occurrence’. The discovery demonstrates the significance of documenting sensitive marine habitats and supports a better understanding of the biology of the animals and their ecosystem function in Ireland’s Biologically Sensitive Area.
Marine Spatial Plan for Ireland

Marine spatial plan for Ireland - stakeholders encouraged to engage

Stakeholders operating in Ireland’s marine waters are invited to participate in a public consultation (deadline December 14) that will inform the next steps towards a Marine Spatial Plan for Ireland
Mussel seed dredgers

Mussel seed extraction questioned metres from busy local harbour

Dredging for mussel seed in Dalkey Sound, in close proximity to a busy shoreline and harbour south of Dublin City, has been criticised by local stakeholders and the environmental watchdog, Coastwatch.
UCC expedition Canyon Scale

Submarine canyon ten times higher than the Eiffel Tower

The Porcupine Bank Canyon is the westernmost submarine canyon on the contiguous Irish margin and exits onto the abyssal plain at 4,000m water depth. The upper canyon is full of cold-water corals that form reefs and mounds which create a rim…
Kilmore Quay2

Harbours to benefit from State funding

Thirteen coastal local authorities are to receive €2.2m for development and repair projects at 52 harbours and slipways nationwide. The package will cover maintenance and repair works in addition to supporting development and enhancement of facilities and marine leisure initiatives.

Kilmore Quay2

Kilmore Quay, Co Wexford to receive €48,750 towards harbour lighting and upgrade of electrical bollards at the marina 

Funding for State harbours is "essential" to the wellbeing of rural coastal communities, remarked Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine.

Bantry Bay protect Dail Eireann

Kelp harvesting protest taken to seat of government

Opponents to mechanical harvesting of kelp from Bantry Bay brought their concerns to Leinster House (March 7) to elevate their concerns for what they say would be a threat to the local economy and ecology of the area. Protest against mechanical…