Irish rookies in La Solitaire Urgo Le Figaro

August 23, 2018/by Guest Writer

First milestone crossed in Golden Globe Race

August 2, 2018/by Guest Writer

Non-stop around the globe with just a sextant to guide him

June 10, 2018/by Guest Writer

Irish seafood sets sail on Solitaire du Figaro race

March 9, 2018/by Guest Writer

Solo Irish sailor races towards notorious Cape Horn

February 16, 2018/by Guest Writer

Regatta returns major economic benefit for Dún Laoghaire

July 17, 2017/by Guest Writer

Cool Route cruising from Ireland’s south coast to Norway

July 14, 2017/by Guest Writer

Varadkar supports effort for national sail training vessel

July 4, 2017/by Guest Writer

Watersports Inclusion Games launched in Dún Laoghaire

June 13, 2017/by Guest Writer

Volvo Irish sailing awards

January 31, 2017/by Guest Writer

O’Coineen Vendée Globe hopes ‘demast’ south of New Zealand

January 1, 2017/by Guest Writer

O’Coineen celebrates Vendee Equator crossing

November 21, 2016/by Guest Writer

Volvo Round Ireland 2016 attracts record numbers

June 17, 2016/by Guest Writer

First time for multihulls, in Round Ireland 2016

November 6, 2015/by Guest Writer

National Watersports Centre proposed for Dún Laoghaire

October 27, 2015/by Guest Writer

Rally against cruise berth proposal

October 12, 2015/by Guest Writer

Dromod Marina – the jewel of the River Shannon

September 21, 2015/by Guest Writer

Described by Joyce as ‘snot green’, just how green in the sea?

July 17, 2015/by Guest Writer

No plain sailing for major cruise berth project at Dún Laoghaire

July 3, 2015/by Guest Writer

Cruise berth consultation for Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin

March 30, 2015/by Guest Writer

Teaching young gaffers old tricks…..

December 19, 2014/by Guest Writer

Cork has potential to be a global yacht racing hub

November 1, 2014/by Guest Writer

Annalise Murphy confirms Ireland’s qualification for Olympics 2016

September 18, 2014/by Guest Writer

Windsurf to anchor off Dún Laoghaire for final cruise call of the season

September 3, 2014/by Guest Writer

Cruise business bonanza predicted for Dublin Bay 2015

August 21, 2014/by Guest Writer

Ireland takes silver at ISAF Youth World sailing event

July 18, 2014/by Guest Writer

Local boat lies 4th in world race as yachts head for Irish finish line

June 20, 2014/by Guest Writer

East & North Coast of Ireland Sailing Directions

April 27, 2014/by Guest Writer

Visitors’ moorings – an opportunity

February 28, 2014/by Guest Writer

Where is Ireland’s marine leisure infrastructure?

January 31, 2014/by Guest Writer
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