St Michael's Wharf Dun Laoghaire

Responding to news that the developer of the old ferry terminal on St Michael’s Warf Dún Laoghaire has pulled out of a project to turn the building into a technology hub, Dún Laoghaire/Rathdown County Council confirmed to Inshore Ireland that the planning permission granted in late July was not contingent on a foreshore licence being granted.

The Council ‘still supports the project’ and believes it can proceed at this location and provide ‘a transformative space’ for business that would also impact positively on the town.

‘This Council welcomed the leasing of the former Ferry Terminal Building and the proposed use as an innovation centre,’ a statement reads.


The original agreement for lease on the buildings associated with the Harbour Innovation Campus project was with the landlord, Dun Laoghaire Harbour Company, prior to its transfer to DLR CoCo on October 3 last. In accordance with the Harbours Act 2015, DLHC was dissolved, and responsibility transferred from the Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport to DLR CoCo.

‘The Council is currently at early stages of this transition process and are currently working on all operational and related matter with regards to the harbour on foot of the very recent transfer.’

The Council said it was taken aback’ at today’s news from the developer:

‘Clearly this is a very disappointing development. The Council is at the early stages of management of the Harbour and will be preparing a fully integrated plan that benefits the appropriate future development of both the Harbour and the town of Dún Laoghaire and surrounds to ensure that both assets support each other. The use of the ferry terminal building will, if this project does not proceed, form part of that plan.

Approval in principle to the foreshore application was granted by the Department of Housing Planning and Environment on October 1, 2018, and had been referred to the Chief States Solicitors Office for drafting.