Inis Bofin

‘It is ironic that Ireland as an island nation does not seem to have the political will to support the islands as other European countries do. Politicans are fond of saying that the islands are very important to the country in terms of their beauty, tourism, culture, arts, heritage and natural resources.

Yet there has been little work over the past five years on serious sustainability issues, such as reliable high-speed broadband; improvements to primary and secondary education; a unified health-care strategy; ring-fenced annual infrastructural fund; removal of the double VAT charged on all freight; stabilisation; support of scheduled ferry and air access and comprehensive long-term funding support of island co-ops and development offices.’

Islanders are also looking to vote on the same day as the rest of the country and not be denied access to ‘last minute’ information.  

‘Politicans should remember that many a seat Dáil Eireann was secured with less than 100 votes. Ignore the islands at your peril,’ it concludes.