No certainty of EU access to UK waters despite contra proposal

February 12, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Industry-led strategy to develop Ireland’s inshore fisheries

January 31, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Funding for Ireland’s fishery harbour network

January 29, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Irish fishermen seek Brexit mitigation measures

January 22, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Large vessel phased exclusion from inshore fisheries begins in 2020

January 14, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Quota balancing for demersal fish stocks

January 2, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Fish quota increase for Ireland but scientific advice is challenged

December 19, 2018/by Gillian Mills

Annual fisheries talks overshadowed by possible hard Brexit

December 17, 2018/by Gillian Mills

Pelagic fishermen say quality assurance system may not be fit-for-purpose

November 29, 2018/by Gillian Mills

Draft Brexit text delivers positive early signs for Irish fisheries

November 16, 2018/by Gillian Mills

Prawn fishery closure to Irish vessels

July 30, 2018/by Guest Writer

State aid to support coastal projects

July 17, 2018/by Guest Writer

Inshore fisheries strategy to reflect stakeholder input

July 4, 2018/by Guest Writer

Brexit process stalls due to UK failure to grasp complexities

June 22, 2018/by Guest Writer

Tributes paid to the ‘recognisable face’ of Ireland’s fishing industry

June 4, 2018/by Guest Writer

New strategy for Ireland’s billion euro seafood sector

May 18, 2018/by Guest Writer

Castletownbere quay project to double landing space

May 9, 2018/by Guest Writer

Trawling activity inside 6nm zone public consultation

April 30, 2018/by Guest Writer

Government commits full support on fisheries in Brexit negotiations

April 30, 2018/by Guest Writer

Fisheries penalty point system ‘a step too far’

April 24, 2018/by Guest Writer

Icelandic purchase of Irish fresh fish company

March 30, 2018/by Guest Writer

Irish and EU 27 positions maintained in Brexit fisheries negotiations

March 28, 2018/by Guest Writer

Brexit Free Trade Agreement must include fisheries

March 14, 2018/by Guest Writer

Campaign to increase visibility of women in Ireland’s seafood industry

March 12, 2018/by Guest Writer

Large fishing vessels may be excluded from Ireland’s inshore waters

March 6, 2018/by Guest Writer

Fishermen unite to tackle daily life issues

February 22, 2018/by Guest Writer

Razor clams and brown crab public consultations

January 29, 2018/by Guest Writer

Funding to support marine projects in coastal communities

January 22, 2018/by Guest Writer

Brexit uncertainty dominates talks at annual fisheries council

December 15, 2017/by Guest Writer

Penalty points for alleged fishing infringements

December 13, 2017/by Guest Writer
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