Mapping app that identifies discard hotspots

The Marine Institute has developed an online app (desktop and mobile friendly) to help the fishing industry identify areas that have consistent catch rates over multiple years. The app can used to avoid areas with high catch rates of choke species and juvenile commercial fish.

Mapping app that identifies discard hotspots

April 11, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Member States agree a no-deal Brexit fisheries contingency plan

April 10, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Re-evaluation of Northeast Atlantic mackerel stock size

April 10, 2019/by Gillian Mills

T Burke II to monitor Ireland’s south and east coast mussel waters

April 8, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Bill passes, allowing Northern vessels fish inside Ireland’s inshore waters

April 1, 2019/by Gillian Mills and Gery Flynn

Stakeholders request presidential review of amended Fisheries Bill

March 29, 2019/by Gery Flynn

Sea-fisheries Bill ‘could inadvertently’ open access to Ireland’s six-mile limit

March 27, 2019/by Gillian Mills

‘Fast-tracking’ of North-South fishing arrangement criticised

March 26, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Irish anglers participate in bluefin tuna data gathering

March 20, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Irreparable damage to Irish fisheries if ‘no-deal’ Brexit

March 13, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Ireland to host European ‘Smart Coastal Areas’ think-tank

March 12, 2019/by Gillian Mills

UK fishermen urged to be ‘no-deal’ Brexit ready

March 8, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Inshore fishers to steer direction of their sector

February 28, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Protection sought for Ireland’s ancient fisheries in next heritage plan

February 25, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Recycling waste plastics from the seafood sector

February 21, 2019/by Guest Writer

No certainty of EU access to UK waters despite contra proposal

February 12, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Industry-led strategy to develop Ireland’s inshore fisheries

January 31, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Funding for Ireland’s fishery harbour network

January 29, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Irish fishermen seek Brexit mitigation measures

January 22, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Large vessel phased exclusion from inshore fisheries begins in 2020

January 14, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Quota balancing for demersal fish stocks

January 2, 2019/by Gillian Mills

Fish quota increase for Ireland but scientific advice is challenged

December 19, 2018/by Gillian Mills

Annual fisheries talks overshadowed by possible hard Brexit

December 17, 2018/by Gillian Mills

Quality assurance system for mackerel stock size is challenged

November 29, 2018/by Gillian Mills

Draft Brexit text delivers positive early signs for Irish fisheries

November 16, 2018/by Gillian Mills

Prawn fishery closure to Irish vessels

July 30, 2018/by Guest Writer

State aid to support coastal projects

July 17, 2018/by Guest Writer

Inshore fisheries strategy to reflect stakeholder input

July 4, 2018/by Guest Writer

Brexit process stalls due to UK failure to grasp complexities

June 22, 2018/by Guest Writer

Tributes paid to the ‘recognisable face’ of Ireland’s fishing industry

June 4, 2018/by Guest Writer
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