Nineteen Irish seafood enterprises are to receive €1.8m in grant aid under the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund (EMFF) Operational Programme for the seafod sector. 

The programme provides three development schemes that aim to incentivise seafood innovation and new product development; support capital investment in equipment to add value to raw material and assist processors to diversify and develop export markets.

Announcing the details, Michael Creed, Minister for Agriculture, Food and the Marine, said that despite a ‘Brexit’ backdrop and potential implications for food exports, seafood enterprises were still investing productdevelopment and new markets.

“In the first of a series of grant approvals for 2017, grant aid of almost €900,000 has been awarded to seven seafood processors, supporting in excess of €3m in value adding capital investment. Grant aid of €824,000 has also been awarded to eight aquaculture enterprises supporting capital investment of €2.8m that will directly contribute to growing output…and help achieve the ambitious sustainable growth targets we have set for our aquaculure sector.”

Grant approvals – Seafood Processing Capital Investment Scheme

Beneficiary                                County          Total Investment        Grant Approved

Dunns Seafare Ltd                         Dublin                   €522,176                 €148,726

Seafood Processors Ltd                    Louth                     €72,968                   €21,890

Keohane Seafoods Ltd                     Cork                       €77,426                   €23,227

Bio-Marine Ingredients Irl Ltd      Monaghan                €1,799,821                 €510,00

Sofrimar Ltd                                Wexford                   €375,780                €112,734

Shellfish De La Mer                        Cork                       €179,730                 €53,919

Albatross Seafoods Ltd                 Donegal                      €66,000                  €14,100

TOTAL                                                                   €3,093,901              €884,596

Grant approvals – Seafood Scaling & New Market Development Scheme

Beneficiary                         County                 Total Investment      Grant Approved

Connemara Producers Group Mayo / Galway         €114,022                        €57,011

TOTAL                                                               €114,022                       €57,011

Grant approvals – Seafood Innovation & Business Planning Scheme

Beneficiary                               County              Total Investment     Grant Approved

Ocean Farm Ltd                          Donegal                      €19,070                        €9,535

Atlantis Seafoods                        Wexford                       €16,300                       €8,150

Kish Fish Company                       Dublin                       €20,700                      €10,350

Bio-Marine Ingredients Irl Ltd    Monaghan                     €25,000                       €12,500

Keohane Seafoods Ltd                 Cork                           €40,000                       €20,000

TOTAL                                                                       €121,070                   €60,535

Grant approvals – Sustainable Aquaculture Scheme

Beneficiary                           County               Total Investment         Grant Approved

Bells Isle Seafoods Ltd               Donegal                      €400,753                 €160,301

Blackshell Farm Ltd                     Mayo                         €101,942                  €40,776

Comhlucht Iascaireacht Fanad Teo Donegal                  €1,057,145               €317,143*

Feirm Farraige Oilean Chliara Teo Donegal                      €923,161               €276,948*

Huitre Du Connemara                    Louth                       €61,825                  €24,730

Michael Lydon                            Galway                        €74,440                  €29,776

Mannin Seafoods Ltd                     Cork                         €31,885                  €12,754

Atlantic Maritime Ltd                    Mayo                        €139,470                  €55,788

TOTAL                                                                     €2,790,621           €824,125

* Two projects when combined capped at maximum grant aid of €500,000