Inland Fisheries Ireland has launched its Sponsorship Fund for 2018 to support angling events and initiatives across the country. In 2017, a fund of €30,000 supported 79 events and initiatives across 19 counties with a particular focus on growing Ireland’s angling tourism product and supporting novice anglers. Recreational angling contributed over €800m to Ireland’s economy in 2017, and supported upwards of 11,000 jobs.

IFI fund 2018 carton house

Angling at Carton House 

The sponsorship fund (financial or resource) supports international competitions that showcase Irish angling and contribute to local economies, along with events that increase novice and development participation. It also supports seminar, workshops and training that promote conservation and protection of inland fisheries and sea angling.

“Tourism initiatives like the Wild Atlantic Way and Ireland’s Ancient East are further boosting visitor numbers and our Sponsorship Fund for 2018 will support angling clubs and groups nationwide to offer local events that engage domestic anglers, overseas anglers and those who are about to cast for the first time,” remarked Suzanne Campion, IFI Head of Business Development.

“With Ireland having some of the best wild fisheries in Europe, this Sponsorship Fund forms part of our National Strategy for Angling Development which aims to develop our angling tourism potential while also managing and conserving our fisheries resource,” she added.

The IFI strategy is the first comprehensive national framework and will deliver investment, innovation and promotion over the next five years. It aims to make angling accessible and attractive through information, infrastructure and support; to develop tourism through the promotion of the angling resource and to position angling as a key leisure and recreation pursuit.

The Strategy will also deliver significant economic benefits in rural communities while also ensuring that fish populations and habitats are protected and conserved.

Awards are subject to budget and the scheme closes on Monday January 22nd 2018.