Inland Fisheries Ireland has launched a new corporate plan to protect, conserve. promote and develop Ireland’s fisheries resource. Domestic and international growth is the major objective for the sector which is currently worth €836m to the Irish economy, and supports more than 11,000 jobs.

IFI Plan Carton House

IFI Corporate Plan 2016-2020 focusses on protection, conservation, promotion and development

Focussed on protecting and conserving freshwater species in Ireland, the five-year plan outlines the latest technology including spotting scopes, night sights, thermal imaging equipment and mobile phone apps used by fishery officers in their work.

The plan also highlights objectives to develop fish habitats as part of the National Strategy for Angling Development (NSAD) – the first comprehensive framework for Ireland’s angling resource that could deliver an additional €60m per annum to the economy and support an extra 1,400 Irish jobs.

“Inland Fisheries Ireland has a huge jurisdiction with 74,000 kilometres of rivers and streams, 128,000 hectares of lakes and over 5,500 kilometres of coastline,” remarked Ciaran Byrne, IFI chief executive.

He added that angling was “at a turning point” and it was vital to reinvigorate the sector whereby angling supported economic development and jobs, often in rural, peripheral communities.

“This plan outlines how with the right budgetary and staff resources, we can maximise the potential of the resource while also ensuring that our environmental stewardship leaves the inland fisheries and sea angling sectors in a better position.”

Inland Fisheries Corporate Plan 2016-2020