Four wave tanks replicating real ocean conditions that enable marine technologies and structures to be tested, is central to developing Ireland’s offshore renewable energy industry.  Incorporated in the MaREI Centre in Cork, and located in the purpose-built Beaufort Building, these ‘world class’ facilities are available to industry, academia and government agencies. 

MaREI LIR 2017

Dr Jimmy Murphy general manager, LIR; Minister Denis Naugton and Georgina Foley, Commercial Manager, LIR at the wave and ocean test facility 

LIR is also the only facility with the capacity to link tank testing output to electrical test rigs, emulating power take off systems to determine power quality and possible grid intregration.

Denis Naughton, Minister for Communications, Climate Action and Environment, said the diversity of work at the LIR facility reflected the many commercial opportunities that offshore renewable energy presented. He also praised the “expert team” that works with industry, researchers and State institutions to achieve the best possible results. 

Diversity of the work at LIR reflected the commercial opportunities that offshore renewable energy presented, added Dr Jimmy Murphy, General Manager.

“We support companies by de-risking their technologies through our extensive testing capability, including towing, installation, performance and survivability testing.”

The centre can also test structures at small scale and is therefore appealing to the broad marine sector, he added. LIR has tested oil and gas platforms; aquaculture cages; vessels, breakwaters and coastal erosion structures.