Sean Cullen

As someone involved with the INFOMAR seabed mapping programme, the opportunity to chat with Norman Kean arises in various yacht havens around our coast. The discussions invariably centre on navigable passages and even though we have the latest technology, it is Norman who has the advantage through his experience and dedicated approach, to find out about all the nooks and crannies of our coast.

review Sailing Directions southwest

The excellent Sailing Directions, produced by the Irish Cruising Club, is not only a mine of useful information that is bang up-to-date, the photography and illustrations will certainly be of interest to anyone thinking of visiting the south and west coasts of Ireland. The aerial photos are particularly useful to give that bird’s eye view of your landfall.

 The shortcut through Joyces Pass inside Slyne Head is not for the faint hearted; however with guidance from the clear and well defined advice, it will be with confidence that we enter the sound to map it. Indeed, anywhere from Rosslare to Bloddy Foreland, the first thing to do is to consult Sailing Directions before any other passage planning tasks.

Each port of call has detailed pilotage information with coloured sidebars dealing specifically with Tides, Dangers, Lights and Marks and occasionally informative notes for quick access from the cockpit or bridge of your vessel. The text then covers the details and also provides tips usually reserved for those with local knowledge.

Routes and passages between ports complete the information, offering sound advice on weather routing, tidal streams and alternative plans. It is due to the contributions of mariners who actually sail these waters that this 13th edition is so valuable and is a testament to the Irish Cruising Club.

But, there is always room for improvement and any updates realised by the reader should be sent to the publishers at [email protected] and these will be made public on .

The entries in Sailing Directions are cross referenced throughout with the sister publication Cruising Ireland – A Companion to the Irish Cruising Club Sailing Directions available on .

Thanks again to Norman for putting this invaluable work together and hats off to the photographic contributors for making this such an interesting reference.