Bord Bia China Seafood and Fisheries Expo2016

Irish brown carb has been named among the top10 most recognisible foreign seafood trends in China, along with premium shellfish (brown crab, razors and oysters), reflecting a broadening of exports to China from traditional focus on pelagic species.

Environmental credentials of Irish shellfish reflected in Origin Green’s sustainability programme responds to key concerns of Chinese consumers who value Ireland’s safe and clean production systems, and underpins growth in shellfish exports to China of 88% and in value by 132%, says Bord Bia.

“As incomes grow and urbanisation continues in China, a rapidly growing middle class demands ever-greater quantities of imported seafod. Per capita, seafood consumption has risen from 10kg in 1990 to35kg in 2015,” says James O’Donnell, Bord Bia’s Directgor of Asian Markets.

He added that as China’s appetite for finfish and shellfish continues to grow, and with a scarcity of marine resources, Ireland was well positioned to meet the demand.

“Each year we meet with over 50 seafood importers and promote seafood at consumer level working with online suppliers. 2016 has also seen the launch of ‘East Meets West’ – a collaboration with food bloggers and 5-star chefs, to promote the preparation of Irish seafood to Chinese tastes.”