Inland Fisheries Ireland has published 2018 stock managment plans for designated trout lakes. Stock management is undertaken to conserve wild brown trout in waters managed by IFI as wild brown trout fisheries. These waters are identified in the IFI’s pike and trout management policies.

IFI 2018 management plans

Launching the plan, Sean Kyne, Minister with responsibility for the inland fisheries sector said management of predator species was an “important element” of ensuring the preservation of salmonid species in the seven idenfitied wild brown trout fisheries.

The plan includes input from local managers and aims to remove close to 8,400 pike from the lakes, “a significant increase on the objective of some 6,840 removals set for 2017,” he said.

A separate management plan has been in place since January for the Owenriff system following the introduction of pike to those waters.

“IFI’s rehabilitation plan for that system, based on work they have been doing since summer last year, will be announced shortly,” Minister Kyne added.

Work on stock management operations is expected to commence ‘immediately’ and routine analysis of stomach contents will be undertaken for research purposes.


S59 Authorisations are required by clubs and organisations wishing to remove pike via angling competitions on managed trout fisheries.

IFI is currently reviewing its policy on pike management in designated wild brown trout fisheries; the 2018 Plan is based on a continuation of operations in line with existing policies.

Management of the large limestone wild brown trout lakes has been set out in policy, and stock management is “prioritised” in line with the special designation of these lakes.

“I have directed my Department, working in tandem with IFI, to consider how this designation can be given statutory status as a matter of priority,” Minister Kyne outlined.

2018 plan covers operations in Loughs Corrib; Mask; Carra; Conn; Cullin; Arrow and Sheelin