2017 Marine Institute Annual Stock Book

 “The information presented by the Marine Institute…is critical to the preparations for the annual fisheries negotiations. The detailed stock-by-stock guide ensures we have the most up-to-date scientific advice at our finger tips.”

The fishing industry is a vital part of Ireland’s coastal economy, with Ireland’s quotas worth approximately €226m in 2017.

Dr Peter Heffernan, Marine Institute chief executive added that the waters around Ireland were among the most productive and biologically sensitive areas of the EU.

“Our fisheries scientists spend collectively over 1,000 scientific days each year at sea on the Marine Institute’s two research vessels, surveying fish stocks and habitats so that we can have the best available information on the state of our stocks.

“Throughout the year, our scientists also participate in and lead ICES working groups on international fish stocks in order to maintain healthy ocean ecosystems and sustain Ireland’s important blue economy.”

The Stock Book also serves as a valuable reference to stakeholders including the fishing industry; managers; marine scientists; environmental NGOs; third-level institutes; financial institutions and others with an interest in the status and management of marine fisheries resources in the waters around Ireland.