Notice to all Shipowners, Fishing Vessel Owners, Agents, Shipmasters, Skippers, Fishers, and Seafarers

Corrrib Gas Field Pipeline Survey &Inspection/Maintenance of the Offshore Facilities 

The Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport has been advised by Shell E&P Ireland Ltd, of inspection and engineering tasks that will take place at the Corrib gas field and related offshore infrastructure. The work scopes included are:

(1) Offshore Pipeline and Subsea Structure inspection

(2) Near Shore Pipeline Inspection

(3) Well P5 Umbilical Lay


(4) Pipeline Integrity Test- Intelligent Pig Survey

MI 25 of 2017

The work is due to commence in mid June 2017 and last for approximately 40 days.

Visual and acoustic surveys will be conducted by means of vessel/Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) mounted sensors and cameras located on attendant survey vessels, ROVs and towed Side Scan Sonar.

Pipeline and Umbilical Inspection

The inspection will commence at the Corrib offshore field location:

Latitude 54°20’ 20.413” N  | Longitude 11° 03’ 30.769” W and will continue toward shore until the vessel is required, on Marine Mammal Observer (MMO) advice, to relocate to the inshore inspection extent at safe navigation depth limit. The inshore pipeline and umbilical sections will be inspected from the nearest point accessible inshore at high tide progressing to offshore until a suitable overlap with the offshore inspection is achieved.

Landfall is at: Latitude 54° 16’ 59.799” N | Longitude  09° 49 14.528” W.

The Subsea Viking (call sign: LJJL3) will undertake the deep water surveys and the subsea facilities maintenance and inspection. It will also carry out the umbilical lay and the intelligent pigging operation.

All equipment used will be vessel and/or ROV mounted. The An Gearoidin (call sign: EIDL6) will undertake the inshore survey scope. All the equipment used will be vessel deployed. The vessels will be listening on VHF CH 16 throughout the project.

All mariners are reminded of their responsibilities under the International Collision Regulations and are reminded ofMarine Notice No. 17 of 2007, which gives general advice in relation to the activities of vessels engaged in survey work for hydrographic, seismic, fishing research and underwater operations.

The International Regulations for Prevention of Collisions at Sea (COLREGS) are implemented in Irish law by the Merchant Shipping (Collision Regulations) (Ships and Water Craft on the Water) Order 2012 [S.I. No. 507 of 2012], and the Signals of Distress (Ships) Rules 2012 [S.I. No.170 of 2012]. See Marine Notice No. 06 of 2013

Marine Notices are issue purely for maritime safety and navigation reasons and shound not be construed as conferring rights or granting permissions.

Irish Maritime Administration, Department of Transport, Tourism and Sport