Marine Notice No. 07 of 2018
Notice to all Ship Operators, Fishing Vessel Owners, Seafarers, Fishers,
Recreational Craft Users, Training Providers, Equipment Suppliers and Importers

European Commission Brexit Preparedness Notices on Maritime Transport

In the context of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, the European Commission has published the following Notices to Stakeholders:

1. Notice to Stakeholders in the Field of Industrial Products

2. Notice to Stakeholders on Seafarers Certificates

3. Notice to Stakeholders in the Field of Maritime Transport 

These Notices are intended to facilitate preparation by EU-27 Member States and by wider stakeholders for the contingency that on 30 March 2019 the UK leaves the EU without a deal on a transitional period having been agreed (i.e. the no deal, disorderly Brexit scenario).

Draft legal text on a transition period, extending to 31 December 2020, is currently being negotiated with the UK. If, as part of the withdrawal process, this text is agreed and approved by Member States and the European Parliament, many of the elements reflected in these Notices will only become relevant at the end of the transition period.

However, in cases where UK ‘leading authorities’ conduct risk assessments, examinations, approvals and authorisation procedures under Union law, a leading authority in an EU-27 Member State will need to take over from the UK authority from the withdrawal date (i.e. 29 March 2019).

UK leading authorities currently provide product authorisations for certain medicines, pesticides, biocides, chemicals (REACH) and plant varieties. The Commission has begun engaging EU-27 technical experts to seek to ensure that product authorisation processes transfer from UK leading authorities in the smoothest manner possible.