The vessels involved will be Geo Coral (Callsign: LACA8), Bourbon Tern (Callsign: 5BDQ4), MarianneG (Callsign: 3FTA9) and the Stormbas2 (Callsign: V4EM2).

The survey operations will be carried out within the following areas:

                        Latitude             Longitude

                50° 58′ 24.032″ N    14° 5′ 11.982″ W

                50° 59′ 51.646″ N    11° 5′ 17.454″ W

                48° 59′ 33.895″ N    11° 6′ 31.398″ W

                48° 59′ 56.586″ N    13° 59′ 11.226″ W

The vessel Geo Coral will be towing a multi sensor streamer which will include 14 streamers with a 100 metre separation of an 8km length and a depth of 12 metres. Yellow tail buoys will be towed at the end of each streamer, approximately 8700 metres (4.7nm) behind Geo Coral. Each tail buoy will have a light flashing Morse code “U” with an interval of approximately 7 seconds.

There will be regular safety message broadcasting on VHF CH16 by SV Geo Coral and accompanying vessels (Marianne G and Stormbas2) throughout the project. Seismic activity will be protected by support and chase vessels.

All vessels, particularly those engaged in fishing, are requested to give Geo Coral and the towed equipment, a wide berth and keep a sharp lookout in the relevant areas. In case of any doubt, call Geo Coral on VHF CH16 and a safe course to follow will be given.