Stakeholders operating in Ireland’s marine waters are invited to participate in a public consultation (deadline December 14) that will inform the next steps towards a Marine Spatial Plan for Ireland. A series of regional events that concluded in late October unveiled the ‘National Marine Planning Baseline Report’ which outlines activities in seas around Ireland

Marine Spatial Plan for Ireland

Dunmanus Bay where multi stakeholders operate














The events also heard observations from stakeholders on the process that will enable government ‘set a clear direction for managing our seas, clarify objectives and priorities and direct decision-makers, users and stakeholders towards more strategic, efficient use of marine resource’.

The Baseline Report sets out the context in which the MSP is being developed, and identifies the key issues marine planning needs to address. It describes the current situation in terms of existing sectoral development and activities, and identifies future opportunities and constraints intended to prompt discussion among stakeholders.

Key sectors include fisheries, aquaculture, energy, tourism and sport, involving public and private stakeholders, local authorities and environmental NGOs.