‘No one can tell me that organic fish farmers do not use chemicals to control for various diseases or lice. Fish produced on such farms can be labeled as organic but I would take the hill lamb over such a fish any day in terms of it being a natural product. I will not touch farmed salmon because it is a totally unnatural product,’ the article states.

When contacted by Inshore Ireland however, the Galway TD denied any involvement with the article in the Connacht Tribune:

“This is totally incorrect. I never called for such a boycott, I never backed one, nor was I contacted about a boycott of farmed salmon. I never even knew there was a boycott.

“It is absolutely incorrect what has been said. I do not support or have any involvement with any boycott. The comment I made was taken totally out of context which was about organic certification. No more, no less.”

Deputy ÓCuív’s references to salmon farming were made during a public session of the Joint Committee on Agriculture, Food and the Marine debate on December 1st last. 

(See page 14 in the transcript below)