‘Leave No Trace – the outdoor ethics programme designed to promote and inspire responsible outdoor recreation through education, research and partnerships – has teamed with the Marine Institute’s ‘Explorer’s Education Progamme. 

MI Explorers Education Programme

A new module in the 2016 programme – ‘Leave No Trace in the Marine Environment’ – for primary school children in south Mayo, Donegal, Sligo, and Kerry, will teach how to protect local marine environment, through classroom saltwater aquariums, seashore safaris, and marine projects and workshops.

Congratulating the schools involved, Peter Heffernan, Marine Institute CEO said their expertise and enthusiasm for the project was an important platform to support and reconnect teachers and students with the marine environment.

“As an island nation with a seabed territory ten times greater than the size of the island of Ireland (approx 880,000km sq) it is fundamental that we realise the value, opportunities and social benefits the ocean provides us.

“On a  daily basis the ocean produces over half the oxygen we breath, provides us with food and suports the tiniest microscopic plants to the largest animals on earth. It is therefore essential that we learn about the influence the ocean has on us and the influence we have on the ocean.”

Explorer’s Education Programme