Farmed salmon feeding near water surface

The Ombudsman’s twelve page review this month finds that DAFM was not justified in refusing FIE’s request under Articles 9(2) (c) and (d) of the Regulations, adding it had not advanced any other grounds to refuse access to the records specified.

‘Accordingly, I annul the Department’s decision and direct the release of the records specified,’ the Ombudsman finds.

In its appeal to the Ombudsman to review DAFM’s refusal to release the information, FIE argued that the matter was of ‘extreme public importance not only in light of the circumstances of the Gearhies incident, but also because of the alleged failure of [DAFM] to carry out its regulatory functions properly in ensuring compliance with aquaculture licensing conditions aimed at preventing the escape of fish’.

The Ombudsmans decision can be found on