Biotoxin sampling and reporting; microbiological classification; new legislation; food safety management systems; food incideints; new risks and exports are among the topics to be covered at regional workshops in October and early November.

Organised by the SFPA in conjunction with the FSAI, Marine Institute and BIM, the information events are targeting the shellfish industry to learn more about Ireland’s monitoring programme and how it assists industry to ensure that live bivalve molluscs placed on the market meet the highest standards of food safety. 

Mussel general

“We want to ensure safe and trustworthy seafood for everyone. A collaborative food safety community dedicated to raising food standards continuously, and maintaining a culture of excellence, is central to achieving this,” remarked Pamela Byrne, FSAI chief executive. 

In an ever-changing environment where legislation and new business practices have to continuously adapt “it is important that those in the sector keep abreast of the latest information that can have an influence on their operations.”

Dr Susan Steele, chair of the SFPA, noted that export markets for Irish seafood were growing rapidly, offering “enormous oppportunities” for seafood producers.

“We want to help ensure this continues. Consumer trust in the quality and safety of Ireland’s seafood produce is integral to the continued expansion of the sector that requires trust and confidence at an international level in the robustness of the control systems in place in Ireland.”

Events take place from 9am-1pm, October 17 and November 2 at six nationwide locations or contact Lorna Tallon 01 8171398.