At 00:01 on January 1, a Landing Obligation for certain demersal fisheries comes into force in European Union waters. A combination of gear type, fisheries areas and historic landing data (reference period 2013/2014) are being used to identify vessels subject to the obligation. Some vessels may be subject to more than one rule.


The practice of ‘slipping at sea’. The net is never taken from the water – it is opened to release the fish, the majority of which are already dead. These fish are not counted for, and the extent of the damage is not known

Speaking to Inshore Ireland, Francis O’Donnell, IFPO, questions some of the science behind the allowable catches:

“The International Council for the Exploration of the Sea’s (ICES) recommendations for haddock in the Irish Sea are totally out of sync with the real-time situation. There is an explosion in numbers and a significant review of the TAC plus quota top-up is an absolute must. Whiting in Area VI is the same,” he said.  

Full report in the December issue of INSHORE IRELAND