Over one hundred coastal-based projects are to receive €1.5m in state and EU funding, supporting total investment of €2.4m.

FLAGs 2018 Jenny OHalloran 2

Jenny O’Halloran, Bláth Na Mara – a seaweed harvesting business on Inis Mór, Co Galway

“I am delighted to announce that an additional 106 grants worth €1.5m have been awarded to our seven FLAG groups, bringing total FLAG grant offers in 2018 to €3.1

“The FLAGs initiative is proving a fantastic success and the grants awarded to 247 local coastal projects to date in 2018 will be a hugely important boost to these coastal communities.”



Successful projects include micro seafood enterprises, marine tourism/marine leisure, heritage, small harbour facilities, environmental and training initiatives.

The projects were selected through the FLAGs (Fisheries Local Action Groups) initiative – a coastal community development strategy assisted by BIM with a total fund of €12m for seven designated areas: South (Cork), South West (Kerry, Limerick), South East (Waterford, Wexford, Wicklow), West (Galway, Clare), North West (Mayo, Sligo, Leitrim), North (Donegal), North East (Duiblin, Louth, Meath).

AREA                Projects                Total investment €)           Grant awards(€)

North                    12                           212,949                              125,312
North East           13                           446,368                             246,452
North West          13                           253,889                              156,191
South                    18                            241,174                              158,779
South East            16                           394,039                           290,524
South West             7                           180,388                             147,911
West                       27                            679,411                             400,323