An Order has been signed to transfer Wicklow Port Company to Wicklow County Council. This east coast port is the first of five ‘Ports of Regional Significance’  to complete the transfer, identified under the 2013 National Ports Policy. 

Wicklow Port

The Harbours Act 2015 provides the legislative basis for the transfers to proceed. Drogheda, Dún Laoghaire, Galway, New Ross will follow ‘to more appropriate local authority led governance structures’ a statement reads.

“Today marks an important milestone…Wicklow Port is a striving regional commercial port and the transfer will provide new opportunities for the development of marine-related activities and regional freight,” remarked Shane Ross, minister for transport, tourism and sport.

The transfer will also develop marine leisure and tourism; cultural and recreation amenities “offering significant potentinal for local employment creation” as part of the government’s reform of local government of enhancing the role of local authority in regional economic development.